5 GU ..... Riding the Wave of Kindness, Success, and Most Of All Fun!


                                                                                                       August 31st. 2022

    Dear 5 GU Students, Parents and Guardians,


    Welcome to 5 GU!  I am so excited about being your 5th grade teacher for homeroom and/or math and science this year! You will also be working with Mrs. Capaccio for ELA and Social Studies.  I know this year will be an awesome year full of many great learning opportunities.


    I hope you all had a relaxing summer. I know I did! I spent many days on the beach, which is one of my favorite things to do.  I look forward to hearing about how you all have been since June and how you spent your summer.

    I can’t wait to start getting to know each and every one of you!  Each one of you brings your own unique qualities and that is what makes you and our class so special.  I believe that we all: teachers, parents, and students, must work together in order to help each of you be as successful as you can be.  Working together is key to helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself. This year we must focus on being kind and patient with each other and flexible.

    Parents and guardians... I believe that it is more important than ever to have great communication between home and school and for students to feel safe and comfortable.  You and I will be communicating through email, Class Dojo (which you should have received an invite to or will soon if you haven't used it before), notes, and telephone.   If, at any time, you have a question or need clarification about anything, I urge you to please contact me so that I may be of assistance.  My email is kgunn@lehsd.org .   If you have a preferred email, address, or phone number, please let me know.   


    I am super excited about going on this learning journey with you and hope you are all ready!  

    Welsome to 5th grade!

    Ms. Gunn