• Preschool students will need:


    Preschool Classroom List


    This list contains items that your child will need to bring on the first day of class.

    • Regular size backpack labeled with your child’s name


    • Complete set of clothes (underwear, socks, shirt, pants and sneakers) in a freezer size zip-loc bag with your child’s name on the bag and on each article of clothing


    • If your child is not toilet trained, a supply of pull-ups and wipes will need to be sent with your child and needs to be labeled with your child’s name 



    • Your child will need a twin or crib sheet, small blanket and small (travel size) pillow labeled with your child’s name on every item. Optional: Silent sleeping buddy (small stuffed animal) to cuddle with during rest time.  (must be able to fit in bedding bag)


    • Bag to keep all bedding in to bring back and forth to school. Bedding will go home to be washed every Friday & returned on Monday.  Except for short weeks it will go home the following Friday or day before a break. 


    • If your child is getting breakfast please let me know before the first day by emailing me if possible jreineke@lehsd.org. This way we have it ready upon their arrival! 


    • If your child is bringing in their lunch (include drink) it will need to packed in a regular size lunch box and labeled with your child’s name (please remember to mark the lunch with “L”) Lunch money in envelope labeled if purchasing lunch. Free and reduced lunch forms will be sent home from cafeteria.  Suggestion is to put money in online account on school website lehsd.org.  Any questions contact them.


    • Afternoon Snack (encourage healthy snack plus drink) will need to be provided everyday! Option to purchase snack milk from cafeteria does not start until October. 


    • A family photo to hang on our classroom family tree!


    • If getting picked up from school provide a note in your child’s folder (will be provided by PTO on first day) and/or call the main office 609 296 7131 ext. 4213.


    • If your child is taking the bus. They will be provided on the first day with a tag that should stay attached to their backpack with their bus number.  (Teacher will attach it.)


    Thank you for your cooperation.                                                                            

    Mrs. Reineke