The following is the list of First Grade Classroom Supplies

    Below are suggested items for 1st grade. It is not mandatory to purchase the items; these are just suggestions put together by the first grade teachers. 

    • Full size backpack
    • Headphones (labeled and placed in a separate Ziploc bag)
    • Primary composition notebooks - These have a place to draw a picture (please see sample picture below)
    • 3 hard plastic 2 pocket folders
    • Dry erase markers (skinny and/or regular)
    • Dry erase eraser
    • Art smock (An old oversized t-shirt works!)
    • Plastic supply box 
    • Sharpened pencils
    • Block erasers 
    • Glue sticks (2 pack)
    • Colored pencils
    • Crayons (24 pack)
    • Markers
    • Children's safety scissors (blunt point please)

    Your child could also use:

    • 2 cans of playdoh
    • 3x3 yellow post-it notes

    Note:  Please label your child's supplies with their first and last name.  Thank you!!

     If you can lend a helping hand, we can always use these things - Thank you!!

    • Tissues
    • Paper Towels
    • Gallon or quart ZIploc bags
    • Magic Erasers
    • Disinfecting wipes