• CER Writing Explanations Supported by Evidence for Grades 6


    CLAIM- a statement that expresses a response to a question. Use the data to answer the question.



    EVIDENCE- is the scientific DATA that support the CLAIM.


    DATA are recorded observations that come from natural settings (e.g., behavior of birds) or measurements that come from controlled experiments (e.g., speed of falling objects).


    Typically in science we collect, analyze, and use multiple pieces of DATA to support a CLAIM.

    Appropriate DATA is DATA that is scientifically relevant for supporting the CLAIM.

    Sufficient DATA means that we have to gather enough DATA to support the CLAIM.



    REASONING- explains why the EVIDENCE supports the CLAIM providing a logical connection between the EVIDENCE and CLAIM.


    The REASONING requires discussion of appropriate scientific principles to explain the link between EVIDENCE and CLAIM, because when we decide which DATA supports the CLAIM we make decisions based on our understanding of the scientific principles.


    The REASONING should articulate (speak of) the logic behind our choices.