• Dance Curriculum Integration


    Cross-discipline education is important when educating our youth. As educators it is our responsibility to ensure our students academic success.

    The following is an example of how students will learn dance, while also strengthening skills in social studies, math, and language arts.

    • Social studies- Study of dance history, cultural and social influences on dance, researching choreographers, history of techniques and dance companies, current events in dance, and global dance politics.

    • Math- study of shape, time, and space, creating formations, symmetry vs. asymmetry, and rhythms and counting.

    • Language Arts- journaling, writing research papers, critical thinking through observation and analysis of dance, using poetry as an inspiration for choreography, reflection and response papers, dance criticism, and reading dance articles and biographies.

    By incorporating cross-discipline education, students recognize the connection between dance and the subjects of social studies, math, and language arts. This connection fosters a well-rounded and successful dance and academic student.