• 1. What is the Little Egg Harbor School District's PPE Plan?

    The safety of the Little Egg Harbor School District's students and staff is our greatest priority. Throughout the pandemic, accommodations have been and continue to be made for all staff members including those that fall into the ‘high-risk’ category. Accommodations for staff members to ‘telework’ will continue throughout the summer and teaching staff and professional service professionals will also have the ability to support learning virtually from the safety of their home come September. Furthermore, universal precautions found below will be followed to maintain the safety of all students and staff:

    • Maintain proper social distancing throughout the school day.
    • All staff and students will be required to wear face coverings.
    • Regular student and staff screenings will be conducted.
    • Deep cleaning will occur daily. Procedures in the event of a student/staff member becoming ill including respectful isolation along with contact to the local board of health.
    • Scheduled handwashing

    2. If I am unable to return back to work, what are my options?

    Staff members who are unable to work in-person or telework due to the need to care for a child under the age of 18 if the school or child care provider is closed may be eligible for the Federal Families First CoronaVirus Response Act.

    Staff members who have an underlying medical condition may have the option to telework. Conditions include but are not limited to the following: chronic lung disease or asthma, serious heart conditions, immuno-compromised, severe obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and undergoing dialysis, liver disease, higher risk for illness, including adults over 65.

    3. How will students and staff be screened?

    Locations for health screenings for staff and students will be created. Furthermore, daily self-monitoring checklists for COVID-19 symptoms will be administered daily for all students and staff through our parent portal and staff portal data system.

    4. Will teachers and students be required to wear masks? For what length of time? How will additional precautions be monitored?

    Requirements and guidance for students to wear masks continues to evolve. Based on current guidance from the NJDOE, students will be required to wear masks when they cannot be socially distanced. Staff members will be required to wear face-coverings throughout the day.

    5. How will students move throughout the day (such as bathroom visits) while maintaining social distance?

    Accommodations will be made to the procedures to ensure compliance with social distancing measures. Accommodations may include “one-way routes” in hallways and staggered release from classrooms.

    6. How will buses accommodate social distancing requirements?

    A blended-learning model will provide our community with a transportation schedule that allows us to assign fewer students to our buses. However, many of our routes may not meet requirements. In cases such as these, students and bus staff will be required to wear face coverings.

    7. What is an A/B Blended Learning model?

    An A/B schedule will provide students with alternating days of in-person and virtual instruction.

    8. How will schools be cleaned and sanitized?

    Daily cleaning will continue, and will include disinfection of touch points both in common areas and classrooms (touch points include but are not limited to light switches, door handles, pencil sharpeners, desk/table/counter tops, water fountains, bathroom fixtures, paper/soap/sanitizer dispensers, railings, etc.). The TRRS custodial staff will be following a Covid-19 cleaning protocol as recommended by the CDC, NJ DOE, NJ DOH, as well as the manufacturer and supplier of our disinfectants and cleaning agents. TRRS will continue to consider and investigate alternative disinfection agents, evaluate the efficacy of the overall cleaning and disinfection program, increase routine inspections, quality control efforts, and focus on providing safe and clean facilities during this unprecedented health crisis in our county and state.

    9. How will social distancing be maintained when class sizes have increased?

    Classrooms in all buildings have been evaluated and the maximum capacity has been identified in order to remain in compliance with social distancing. General education class sizes in an A/B model will range from no more than 10 to 12 students.  

    10. How will our classes operate as intended when students cannot share equipment or supplies?

    A variety of curriculum teams are currently gathering to ensure that modifications are considered for courses that typically entail the sharing of materials among students. If you have suggestions for alternate options, please feel free to reach out to distancelearning@lehsd.org