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World Language

Little Egg Harbor School District
World Language Curriculum


The New Jersey Student Learning Standards – World Languages (NJSLS-WL) is a guiding document toward participation in the state’s global society. As one of the most diverse states in the United States, New Jersey encompasses a multicultural, global citizenry. In all regions, there are people speaking and interacting with others in different languages; there are street signs in several languages and international enterprises conducting business in English and in a multitude of other languages. The New Jersey Department of Education, whose mission is to equip students with necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to participate successfully in the 21st century, embraces the state’s multiculturalism and diversity, including the acquisition of diverse languages and cultures.


World languages education provides learners with the essential language skills and cultural understandings in languages other than English necessary to live and work in a global, culturally diverse world.


An education in world languages fosters a population that:

  • Cultivates communication and cultural understanding in more than one language with the levels of language proficiency that are required to function in a variety of occupations and careers in the contemporary workplace.
  • Exhibits attitudes, values, and skills that indicate a positive disposition and understanding of cultural differences and that enhances crosscultural communication.
  • Participates in local and global communities with people who speak languages other than English to address social justice issues and other global problems.
  • Values language learning for its long-term worth in advancing personal, work-related, and/or financial success in our increasingly interconnected world.

World Language Curriculum Guides: