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Child Study Teams



Kelly Lindenfelser, Interim Director of Special Services

Joseph Radice, BCBA

Administrative Office

Denise Brueckner, Secretary of Special Services 

609-296-1719 x 1029

Frog Pond Elementary School  | (609) 296-1719

Patty Mann, CST Secretary X 2014

Kassandra Chapter, LDTC X 2017

Amber Cole, Social Worker X 2014

Joni Burns, Social Worker X 2050

Deanne Radziak, School Psychologist X 2036

Lauren Sheehan, Speech Pathologist X 2060

Jessica Hartigan, Speech Pathologist X 2214

George J. Mitchell Elementary School | (609) 296-7131

Kristen Fence, CST Secretary X 3012

Aly Koch, LDTC X 3040

Michelle Ivancich, Social Worker X 3041

Jean Marie Caboy, School Psychologist X 3039

Kelsey Turczmanovicz, Speech Pathologist X 3134

Eva Hess, Speech Pathologist X 3022

Nikki D'Agostino, Speech Pathologist X 3133

District Related Service Providers

 Dr. Michelle Fontana, Physical Therapist

Mary Jo Swift, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant