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    5 GU Where Learning Is Always an Adventure


                                                                                                           September 6, 2018


    Dear Parents and Guardians of 5 GU students,


    Welcome to 5 GU!  I am so thrilled to be your child’s 5th grade teacher for homeroom and/or math and science this year!  I know it is going to be an exciting year full of many learning opportunities as well as exciting new changes for everyone.   


    I can’t wait to start getting to know each and every one of the students.  Each one brings their own unique qualities and that is what makes them so special.  J  I believe that we all: teacher, parents, and student, must work together in order to help each student reach their highest potential.  Working together is key in helping your child succeed.  If at any time you have a question, I urge you to please contact me so that I may be of assistance.  My email is kgunn@lehsd.org . 


    I am super excited to go on this learning adventure with you and hope you are all ready!  So make sure you get enough rest, have your jungle gear, and let's go on this learning adventure together!

    See you all soon!

    Ms. Gunn