Dear Parents and Guardians:   For Home Online Learning STEAM Lab (Grades 3-5) and Financial Literacy (Grade 6) students/parents and guardians can reach the Google Classroom at the CODE:       g6oukuu   If you click on the Special Area Classroom, you will see a file document under STEAM and Financial Literacy.   Open this file to get specific detailed instructions, explanations, videos, examples and ideas on how to help your 3rd to 5th Grade students (only) with STEAM mini-projects for home as well as assignments and tasks for 6th Graders (only) in Financial Literacy.    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at my emaill address      rnielsen@lehsd.org         Thank you for your patirnce and continued support.   We are all in this together and we can do it!!!  : )











    Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year in STEAM!

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Back to School Night September 19th!  I hope that you will visit the STEAM Lab!


    We have been working on a writing sample for you for the Hallway!  We have also spent some time getting to know our now EVEN LARGER STEAM Lab so that we can find all the materials we need to engineer!  We will also be playing a game and role playing with the STEAM Lab rules as a reminder to always be safe in the STEAM Lab.  Your student will be coming home with a Sign and Return sheet for STEAM that deals with exactly this issue of safety.  Please look for the sheet and return it to your child"s homeroom teacher!  I do appreciate your help with this!

    We will also be developing our Calming Corner for STEAM Lab using our SEL State Standards!  Our Calming Corner gives us a place ro re-set out brains and calm ourselves in times of stress and anxiety.  The students will see a video on how our brains function and when the brain does its best work.  The students will have a chance to explore the corner and learn how to use it in times of need! 

    Check out:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4G8N9CEYiM 

    Also new to us this year in the 6th Grade is a new program called Financial Literacy.   Our sixth graders will use the program Banzai on their chromebooks to encourage learning financial responsibility, which is NJ State mandated for Grades Six to Twelve.  We will be following this schedule:

                                            1st Trimester     Income and Careers

                                            2nd Trimester    Money Management

                                            3rd Trimester     Project-Based Investigation

                     The sixth grade Projects will be displayed at the STEAM FAIR in April. Please be reminded that we are always accepting donations in the STEAM LAB (water bottles, paper rolls, soda bottles, cereal boxes, just to name a few things).  Thank you for all the donations that have already come in!!

    During the curse of the year we ill be looking for guest speakers and professionals who can share their STEAM hobbies or careers with us!  If there is something you would like to share, please contact me! 


    Thank you for all of your continued support with out District's STEAM Program.  You are the reason why this program is meaningful and awesome!


    Sincerely,  Regina M. Nielsen

    Steam Teacher for Grades 3-6

    Frog Pond Elementary School 


    609-296-1719 EX 2108



    Safety Sign and Return Sheet 


















    Our Frog Pond STEAM Lab can always use the following donations:


    contact paper

     full boxes of tissues

    pool noodles

    pom poms

    glue sticks

    wide clear tape

    glue dots

    wide masking tape

    duct tape

    plastic nuts and bolts

    Little Bits


    old erector sets