•  Where is the Spring????  I am looking forward to warmer weather! 

    This trimester the 4th graders constructed: Paper Challenges, Air-powered Cars, Momentum Marbles, Litter Lifters and Free-Choice Constructions. 

    The 5th Graders designed:  Airborn Gondolas, Lunar Landers, Kaleidoscopes, Megalith Lifters and Free-Choice Construction.

    The 6th Graders engineered:  Rube Goldberg Machines (Cross-Curricular Activity with Art Design), Constructing the Mouse Trap Game, Mini-Crash Dummy Harnesses and Free-Choice Constructions.

    I just wanted to invite all parents and students to visit the STEAM Lab during March Conferences to say hello and to try out some of the student's STEAM favorites!  Welcome!


    Regina M. Nielsen

    STEAM and STEP Teacher Grades 4-6

    Frog Pond Elementary School

    rnielsen@lehsd.org        609-296-1718   EX  2108





    Our Frog Pond STEAM Lab can always use the following donations:


    contact paper

     full boxes of tissues

    pool noodles

    pom poms

    glue sticks

    wide clear tape

    glue dots

    wide masking tape

    duct tape

    plastic nuts and bolts

    Little Bits


    old erector sets