• Greetings 6th grade students and parents!

         I'm excited to be your science teacher and I'm looking forward to an educationally rich and fun-filled school year in 2018-19!  Together we can achieve wonderful things in our classroom. There is a lot of excitement ahead of us; including new phenomena to explore, friendships to cultivate and new skills to master.   I am looking forward to sharing all of these things with you!  This website will be a great resource for you in 6th grade science.  Mrs. M's, science teacher on the purple team, and I are sharing one website with all of our classes.  Here is the link to her homepage: FPE 6th grade Science  Remember to check the webpage for assignments, resources, important links, fun sites, and news updates.  You are always welcome in our classroom!  
    Best wishes,
         Mrs. Arnold 

    Frog Pond Elementary Green Team Science Teacher