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    Welcome to math class!  The key to success is to come prepared with all of your materials, a positive attitude and an open mind.  I encourage all students to use any strategy that gets ​them to an accurate solution as long as they can show their thought process.  


    ​Student Standards for Mathematical Practices 

    1. I can attack a math problem and solve it.
    2. I can make sense of a problem.
    3. I can prove my answer and assist others when I do not agree with their solution.
    4. I can use appropriate vocabulary and symbols to represent a problem or solution.
    5. I can use math tools to help me solve a problem.  I can use math tools to show how I solved a problem.  
    6. I can explain the steps to solve a problem and I am precise in my calculations.
    7. I can use what I already to to help me solve a new problem.
    8. I can solve a problem in multiple ways.