Welcome to the STEAM Lab!

Victoria Lai
  • In my classroom, I want to foster a sense of belonging, where students can feel comfortable and safe, and can focus on exploring and creating. I do everything I can to immerse my students in learning. I try to emphasize the importance of what we are learning, how it will help my students in life, and why these lessons are so necessary. I aim to teach my students the values of persistence, creativity, and the ability to solve problems in all sorts of ways. 


    STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Here in the STEAM Lab, we investigate what happens in nature, research what humans do to improve our lives, and design and create things to solve problems and explain the world around us. We are designers and creators, always looking for ways to help others. Every student that walks through my door is welcomed into a room where anyone can be a scientist, engineer, designer, artist, or architect. We explore what we see around us and work together to find solutions to problems that we face. We work hard to better our classroom, our school, and ourselves each day.