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Central Office

Meet the Staff

Administration Office Staff

Deanna Terrone (Confidential Administrative Assistant), Gina Hartman (Central Office Secretary & Registrar), Patte Blood (Interim Superintendent of Schools) and Linda Meehan (Confidential Administrative Secretary). 

Patte Blood, Interim Superintendent of Schools

Row 1: Confidential Secretary Cindy Barton and Board Administrator Robert Green

Row 2: Accounts Payable Rita Taliaferro, Administrative Assistant Kim Welfield, and Payroll Cyndi Anderson.

Stepheny Hillman (Confidential Secretary) with Jackie Truzzolino (Director of Personnel, Planning & Evaluation).

Melissa Gallagher

Melissa Gallagher is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Contact the Staff

Superintendent's Office:

Phone:  609-296-1719 x1010

Patte Blood, Superintendent 

Deanna Terrone, Confidential Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Linda Meehan, Confidential Administrative Secretary/Food Service Secretary

Gina Hartman, Secretary to the Superintendent's Office/Registrar

Business Office:

Phone:  609-296-1719 x1013

Robert Green, Business Administrator; Board Secretary

Cindy Barton, Confidential Secretary, Business Administrator 

Rita Taliaferro, Accounts Payable

Kim Welfield, Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Cyndi Anderson, Payroll

Special Services:

Phone:  609-296-1719 x1029

Kelly Lindenfelser, Director of Special Services

Denise Brueckner, Secretary to the Director of Special Services

Curriculum & Instruction:

Phone: (609) 296 -1719 x1015

Melissa Gallagher, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Rachel Harper, Supervisor of Federal Programs (ext. 2031)

Kelly Manfre, Confidential Secretary to the Office of Curriculum & Instructional Services

Personnel, Planning & Evaluation:

Phone: 609-296-1719 x2330

Jacqueline Truzzolino, Director of Personnel, Planning  & Evaluation

Stepheny Hillman, Confidential Secretary to the Director of Personnel, Planning & Evaluation