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Mrs. Patte Blood - Interim Superintendent of Schools

How quickly time has passed since I came onboard as the interim superintendent here at Little Egg Harbor Twp Schools.  I have truly enjoyed every minute!  What I have discovered is that  the Little Egg Harbor Township Schools are filled with enthusiasm, energy, and dedicated adults and children all working together to learn and grow on a daily basis.  Whether witnessing the smiling faces of our preschoolers at the Early Childhood Center; observing the excitement of our kindergarten, first and seconds graders in their classrooms, the cafeteria or on the playground at George J Mitchell; or watching our third through sixth graders navigate from class to class, both inside and outside of Frog Pond Elementary, one thing is certain: great things are happening in our schools.

The many accomplishments of our students and staff during the 2023-2024 school year include PK-2 EmPowered Schools recognition of Robert C Wood Early Childhood Center’s 3rd place finish in their annual energy efficiency competition;  ECC was  the only school representing only preschool classes that was recognized!  Additionally, George J Mitchell’s original Terrapin Turtle Project has expanded to classrooms throughout the district, and their STEAM classes have enlarged the Milkweed Garden to provide students the opportunity to witness the transformation of egg to butterfly, specifically Monarch Butterflies. Not to be outdone, Frog Pond Elementary  boasts not one, but three regional finalists in the NJSBA’s Steam Tank Challenge! We are off to a great start as we welcome 2024.

We encourage our students to become lifelong learners who will meet success in all of their academic and life challenges.  Providing all children with the needed support in both academics and social-emotional well-being is a job we take very seriously.   We are grateful for the partnerships we have built with our parents, school family, and the community at large.  May the coming months continue to bring exciting opportunities for all of our students and their families.


Patricia Blood

Interim Superintendent