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STEAM Tank Regional Presentations

STEAM Tank Regional Presentations

Our STEAM teams have been hard at work for their upcoming STEAM Tank Regional Presentations, which takes place on March 20th.

Below are the three teams that made it to the Regionals for the 2023 Virtual STEAM Tank Challenge.

Take a look at the teams and their presentation below. Congratulations to our students and good luck at Regionals!

Robo Arm (5th Grade):

  • Logan Thompson 
  • Finnegan Sweeney
  • Robbie Kozlowski

Deskinator (6th Grade):

  • Riley Raulerson
  • Kylie Jeannotte
  • Amelia Buzby
  • Harper Meeker
  • Olivia Merrill

The Sharpener:

  • Travis Carpenter
  • Dylan Auermuller
  • Collin Lawler